Poverty & Social Justice

Poverty & Social Justice

Ending world hunger and poverty requires more than compassion and more than sustainable development. It also requires justice.

From overwhelming debt to the repression of women to wars and conflict, issues of social justice are directly linked to poverty and hunger. Even complications related to natural disasters like famine often have injustice hidden below the surface, such as land monopoly or unjust farming practices.

Poverty and hunger are complex issues that defy a single, simple solution. Families or individuals of any age can become poor or homeless, temporarily or permanently, for a variety of reasons. However, each person who finds themselves homeless or stuck in poverty is a unique individual—a child of God whom we are called to love as a brother or sister, to care well for, showing mercy and compassion.

How do we end hunger? We work together to address immediate needs but also to dismantle the root causes of global poverty. Work through the links below to learn more, to reflect, and to take specific actions that can help people around the world who are poor and hungry.


IFFFAP gathers middle-income and high-income volunteers to support families in poverty. Surrounded by people who have landed jobs, negotiated a lease, or managed credit card debt, people in crisis are more equipped to achieve long-term financial stability.


While participants are navigating their way out of poverty, their successes and challenges are shared with local community leaders. The barriers that keep people in poverty are identified, discussed, and often resolved.


Participants who complete the program achieve a 39% increase in income after six months and a 78% increase in income after 18 months. Participants continue to increase their income–even after the 18-month period.

IFFFAP Related Services

Education Development Programme

When you invest in education, children will pay it forward. Equipped with knowledge and confidence, they will grow up to lead healthier, more productive lives. Every child has the right to access safe, quality education. However, 124 million children across the world are out of school and 250 million are

Human Disability Development & Disability Equalities

IFFFAP creates media to promote empathy and empowerment for the disability community. Our ultimate goal is to help create a more inclusive society where those with physical and intellectual challenges are treated with respect, and their needs are understood and accommodated. We find new ways to take on disability perceptions

Disaster Relief & Humanitarian Development

The cost of natural disasters is high, but lives can be saved before they ever occur. As climate change and increasingly erratic weather patterns increase the risks of devastating storms, droughts and floods, we are helping communities identify, assess and reduce their risks. Creating response plans and resilient strategies now