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Support for IFFFAP InSights Art 2021!

Support for IFFFAP InSights Art 2021!

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IFFFAP InSights Art 2021! Make Waves! Make Art…

Enter IFFFAP InSights Art 2021!
IFFFAP invites visually impaired and blind artists of all ages to submit artwork to IFFFAP InSights 2021!

The South African Juried Art Competition and Exhibition is exclusively for blind and visually impaired artists and draws entries from across the Provincial regions to National.

This programme will help to showcase talented creative artists among the disabled people specifically targeting the visually impaired and blind people nationwide. This competition will help to boost their technical know-how and also help them to increase their inspirations and by also contributing positive factors as an empowerment resources development for the disabilities.

Please review the art competition rules (below) to find out how you or your students can participate!

Project Overview

Project Overview

  • For Student Artists from preschool through high school, original artwork must be received at IFFFAP by November 22, 2021.
  • For Adult Artists, original artwork or a digital image must be received at IFFFAP by November 29, 2021.
  • Please review the rules below to find out how you or your students can participate.

  • International Foundation for Fight Against Poverty [IFFFAP] announces IFFFAP InSights 2021, an art competition and exhibition for visually impaired and blind artists of all ages.
  • The exhibition will be shown in Standard Bank Art Gallery and also worldwide on IFFFAP’s website. Works in the exhibition will be selected from entries submitted for jurying. Award winners will be selected from the juried exhibition.
  • Any person who meets the following definition of blindness may enter artwork: corrected visual acuity of 20/200 or less in the better eye (determined by a Snellen Chart), or a visual field limited to 20 degrees or less. This includes those who function at the definition of blindness (FDB), listed above, due to brain injury or dysfunction.

  • Preschool through High School: Entries must reach us by November 22, 2021.
  • Adult Artists: Entries must reach us by November 29, 2021.
  • Works will be selected on the basis of originality of concept, expressive use of media, and artistic excellence.
  • The artwork must be created by the artist, with minimal assistance from anyone else.
  • The work of students in pre-school through 12th grade will be judged in grade placement categories.
  • The work of adult artists will be judged in categories according to medium.
  • Only the winners of the Provincials’ will be allowed to present at the National Award Final Competition Programme.
  • The judge(s) will be a professional in the art gallery/art museum field, an art educator, and/or a practicing artist.

  • Artworks in any visual art medium may be submitted. The work may be two-dimensional (including, but not limited to, painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, mixed media, and collage) or three-dimensional (sculptures created from wood, stone, paper, clay, or a mixture of materials).
  • Crafts such as weaving, woodwork, and pottery are also welcome.
  • All work must be original and handmade, not constructed from a kit.
  • Only one artwork may be entered in this competition.

  • All participants must send two paper copies of the entry form (online application is also allowed) and may enter only one piece of artwork.
  • Pre-school through High School entrants must send original artwork.

Most adult entrants may choose to send a digital image of the artwork on a CD, flash drive, or by email, art@ifffap.org OR to send the actual artwork. However, those artists whose artwork is valued at more than R5,000.00 MUST send digital images instead of the actual artwork. If their work is accepted for the exhibition, they will be notified to send the artwork.

  • Adult artists may send up to four images of the artwork they intend to enter. If the work is a painting, a front view of the painting will usually be adequate to let the judges understand the work. If it is a three- dimensional piece, images showing several views of the piece may be appropriate. Label the image to indicate which side is the top. Indicate the dimensions of the artwork on the entry form.
  • Once a work juried from digital images has been accepted into the show and sent to IFFFAP, it may still be omitted from the exhibition if it differs substantially from the way it was shown in the image.
  • If an artist submits a digital image of their artwork, and the artwork is selected for the exhibit, the artist must ship the original artwork to IFFFAP. If the artist does not ship the artwork, their award will be disqualified.

Matting, framing, etc., are not required. IFFFAP will prepare for display those pieces chosen for the exhibition.

  • Visitors to the exhibition may wish to purchase an artwork. Indicate on the form whether your art is for sale.
  • A 20% handling fee that IFFFAP will keep will be added to the selling price of each artwork.

  • A letter of acceptance, award, or non-acceptance for the exhibition will be mailed to each entrant.
  • Work not selected for the exhibition will be returned by December 16, 2021.
  • Some artwork may be kept until March 2020, in order to consider it for calendar, cards, or other use.
  • IFFFAP staff may choose to select submitted works to be reproduced as calendar images. If selected, works will be reproduced in full color with information about the artist in print and braille.
  • The artists will receive a gift of 5 calendars featuring their artwork.

IFFFAP has created special cards and a calendar that reproduce artwork from past IFFFAP InSights competitions.

To purchase items, call us at www.ifffap.org

The deadline for entries for grades Preschool through High School is November 22, 2021.

  • Adult artists are not required to send original artwork for judging, but may send digital images, along with their entry form, instead. Please read the portions of the form marked “To Enter” and “Shipping” for details about this procedure.

The deadline for entries for Adult Artists is November 29, 2021.

  • The deadline for entries for Adult Artists is November 29, 2021.

IFFFAP will insure the artwork while it is in our possession and when we return ship it, but the artist is responsible for shipping insurance of the incoming work. If you do not declare a value for your work, it may not be insured.


Answers to Questions:
Tel: +27 87 551 8319, 074 462 0896
Attn: Mr Motho Kotelo
Email: art@ifffap.org

  • Ship original artwork, or digital images (only adult artists may send digital images) to IFFFAP at the address listed below.
  • Incoming entries must be shipped at the expense of the artist.
  • IFFFAP will pay for return shipping.
  • Contact IFFFAP before sending works that are very large, heavy, require special installation, or exceed R5000 in value.
  • Please send two copies of the entry form with your artwork or digital image.

  • Insurance of entries during incoming shipping is the responsibility of the artist.
  • IFFFAP will insure the artwork while it is in our possession.
  • IFFFAP will purchase insurance from the shipping company when returning items.
  • Work will be insured for the same amount as that indicated for “price” on the entry form, unless other arrangements have been made.
  • IFFFAP will not insure artworks, either while in its possession or during return shipping, if the value placed on the artwork is inappropriate.
  • Contact IFFFAP before sending artworks that are valued at more than R5,000.00.

170 Pan Road
Bolton Wold AH, 1960,
Gauteng, South Africa.

  • Entry to IFFFAP InSights implies permission for IFFFAP to reproduce artwork, to retain artwork for up to one year for display purposes, and to publicize the artist by releasing any information provided on the entry form.
  • Entry also implies permission to photograph the artist for publicity purposes during the fall awards ceremony in Midvaal, Gauteng, South Africa.

Project Objectives

The project aims to provide a platform for further professional and creative development for the visually impaired and blind.

This Art Competition will provide opportunities on several levels for the visually impaired / the blind. Today’s world, whether it’s in the classroom or the workforce, is extremely competitive.

That’s why we encourage those who are blind or visually impaired but creative in different categories of ART to participate in the art competition.

  • This contests will help attendees prepare for “LIFE AFTER ART” too.
  • Art awards also provide a way to make a name for yourself and promote and sell your work.
  • Engaging in art competitions offers entrants of all ages some significant benefits, including:

Competitive Environment:

Participants in IFFFAP InSights Art 2021 competitions particular children get an early grounding to what competition means; thereby preparing them to face the real world in later life.

Greater Exposure:

Both kids and adults have a great opportunity to expose their creations to art lovers and critics at IFFFAP InSights Art 2021 competitions in South Africa and at International. The absence of participation in such competitions could stymie the competitive spirit in budding artists.

Networking Opportunities:

IFFFAP InSights Art 2021 competitions will draw visitors from all strata of life. Such events provide an ideal opportunity for artists to network and build contacts that could potentially be leveraged to give them business opportunities by reaching new clients and hence provides a competitive advantage.

Convenient Setting:

Preparing for IFFFAP InSights Art 2021 competition can sometimes be a “messy business”. Drawing classes and painting classes often results in a lot of dirt, mess and untidiness. When preparing for a competition at home, parents of budding artists will need to engage in plenty of cleanups. With children’s art classes at an art school, you’ll never need to worry about cleaning up after your kids – even as they prepare to be competitive.