• 170 Pan Rd, Bolton Wold AH, 1960, Meyerton, Gauteng, South Africa
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  • 170 Pan Rd, Bolton Wold AH, 1960, Meyerton, Gauteng, South Africa
  • +27 87 551 8319
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Help build a Library for the Blind

R 2,500,000.00 Needed Donation

Sibonile School For the Blind – The Visually Impaired – Schools & Training Centres

Need a School Library

Build Build a Library for the Blind & Physically Handicapped (LBPH)

Sibonile School For the Blind want to build a Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped in other to provide free recorded and brailled books to eligible adults and children.

  • Service Extended to Physically Handicapped Readers
  • Development of Talking Books (Disc)
  • Talking-Book Machines
  • Cassette Books and Machines
  • Combination Machine
  • Cataloging

The school background

  • Sibonile School which means “we have seen” is a school for the Visually Impaired establishment in 1995 at what is formally known as Sybrandt Van Niekerk Skool.
  • Sybrandt Van Niekerk was a former model school with only one block situated in a peri-urban area called Kliprivier.
  • The school caters for the education Visually Impaired Learners ( Blind, Partially Sighted, low vision and Blind and Partially sighted with Multiple Disabilities and Deafblind with Multiple Disabilities.
  • The school is situated 45km South of Johannesburg
  • The present learner’s enrolment is 204 and 84 staff members.
  • The vision of Sibonile School is to create a happy community where our children receive quality education, aimed at their independence and successful integration into society, where they can reach their full potential.
  • At Sibonile School our mission is to supply a suitable and stable environment where mainly Visually Impaired learners can receive meaningful, effective and total education, aiming for every  individual’s independence and integration into society once they have master lifeskills
  • This can only be brought about by dedication, commitment and support from every Teacher, Supporting Staff, Parent, Learner and Governing Body members founded not only on our mutual trust and respect for one another, but also on our faith in a living God.
  • The school is governed by SGB  comprising of individuals from different sectors, namely parents, support  staff, educators, person representing people with disabilities, sponsoring body and co-opted members.
  • Day to day administration is done by the Principal, 2 Deputy Principal, 5 HOD’s and educators.
  • Hostel has one Hostel Manager and 23 support staff
  • Our books are audited by Jeff’s and Associates Accounting firm.
  • The school has key policies that guide the daily operations
  • Sibonile has established mutual and beneficial cooperation with NGO’s intergovernmental and Social Agencies.

Since 1995 the school housed Visually Impaired learners.

This has posed a big challenge of altering the school to cater for the vast needs of Visually Impaired.

The school has boarding facilities accommodating learners from six provinces including Gauteng.

  • The school has two hostel units(Gabriel house and Angel house)
  • We have 13 mortar classes and 8 prefabs
  • Only one hall main hall.
  • The school water metre is about ±500m away from the premises and the school is unable to establish this length of the water reticulation.
  • Monthly electricity bill is exorbitantly too high it exhaust service budget.
  • The school roll standing at 188
  • Age groups range from 6 years – 21 years
  • There are different categories of learners.
  • Totally  blind                                                             = 53
  • Deafblind                                                                   =  9
  • Partially sighted                                                         = 69
  • Blind and partially sighted with multiple disabilities     = 57


Out of the total roll of 204 there is a group of 65 learners who are either blind or partially sighted and have learning barriers and are accommodated in a Special class (Vocational Class).  Blind learners use Perkins Brailler as writing devices and Braille note Apex. Partially sighted learners use Prodiges.

  • Learners from Grade 1 – 7  are following Mainstream curriculum (curriculum similar to an ordinary school)
  • Deafblind unit is doing functional curriculum and basic life skills (curriculum which include things people take for granted e.g. toilet training, eating, etc.)
  • Learners with multiple disabilities in Vocational Class are doing Life Skills curriculum producing artefacts.

The learners exit school at Grade 7 (mainstream) and/ or at age 18 (special class/ Deafblind and Vocational class), please at various organisation to further skills of employment

Limited sporting activities due to lack of appropriate sports facilities.

  • Main sporting codes are:
  • Goalball, indoor sports played in the school hall.  A serious inconvenience when learners have to play goalball matches.
  • Blind cricket, an outdoor sport without proper facility
  • Athletic practiced on unfavourable sports fields.
  • Soccer for the partially sighted also played at the sports field and anywhere the learners find it conducive

Sibonile School is the state subsidized school. The subsidy is strictly allocated for:

  1. Maintenance (painting, minor lumbering, repairs of panes, doors, computers etc.)@ 10 %
  2. Service – water, electricity, telephone and fax @ 35%
  3. LTSM – textbooks and stationery/Braille machines @ 50%
  4. Daily operation @ 5%
  5. Hostel

Any other diverse needs must be met by donations, sponsoring and meagre school fund  (R2700,00 hostel fee per annum and R500 school fees per annum)  Not all the children are paying.  Only 60% pay in full, 24% pay half, 14%, ¾ payments and 2% nothing due to their socio-economic factors (poverty).

To facilitate the smooth running of the school, the following are needed

  • Sport ground /facilities
  • Air  conditioners in the classrooms
  • Learners desk suitable for visually impaired learners
  • Office tables and chairs (Office Furniture)
  • Library
  • Water tanks – reservoirs
  • Special class training centre (ADL)and equipment including stove, refrigerator
  • More smart boards
  • Workshop for vocational class learners
  • Renovation of staffroom
  • Paving other part of the school (play) area and parking


Running Sibonile School is like managing a big household with a small budget and we hope for a favourable response.

LE MHLUNGU – Principal

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