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NGO Financial Sustainability Master Class and Fundraising Workshop

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Everest Executive Education invites NGOs and Civil Society Organizations to attend our Southern Africa Regional NGO Financial Sustainability Master Class and Fundraising Workshop.

In recent years, there has been a sudden and drastic fall in donor funding for NGOs in developing countries despite the major role they play in supporting governments to reach marginalized communities. This was caused by globalization which made all countries to compete for business and limited natural resources. This in turn created more problems of climate change, business viability, economic recession and political instability. Major Powers which were the main donors for NGOs shifted their focus to domestic support leaving NGOs in developing countries with limited funding. NGO funding now flows through government structures of developing countries, who, due to rampant corruption and red-tape, funding will not fully benefit the targeted communities. It is on this background that this NGO Summit was built to bring together experts in research, management, development work, fundraising and social enterprises to share their findings, knowledge, experiences and cases-studies on how NGOs can be financially sustainable under these harsh local and global funding environments so as to continue serving their purpose in society.

NGO Donors, Financial Providers and Support Organization are also invited to exhibit their grants, funding and services they offer to NGOs.

This segment will come on the last day of the workshop for Peer Networking and Donor Exhibitions where delegates will engage donors one-on-one & get advice to access grants.


The Conference targets Senior Leaders and Managers of NGOs, Senior Fundraisers, Consultants, Companies CSI Departments/ Foundations, Development Researchers, Donors Agencies and Religious and Community Leaders, Donor Grant Managers, NGO Advisors/Consultants, Members of Boards of Trustees, Development Education Managers/Directors of International Development Agencies supporting NGOs, Managers/Directors of Foreign Embassies, UN Agencies supporting NGOs NGO Fundraisers/ Business Development Managers.


The NGO Training Program is divided into two parts:

  • 1-Day NGO Financial Sustainability Master-Class
  • 2-Day Fundraising & Income Generation Workshop



  • Background to NGO Financial Sustainability and Self Reliance
  • NGO Non-Profit Making vs. NGO Profit Making
  • Current NGO Funding Trends & NGO Sustainability & Self Reliance
  • Types of NGO Financial Sustainability and Self Reliance
  • The process of NGO Sustainability and Self Reliance
  • The future of NGO Financial Sustainability and Self Reliance
  • Way forward in NGO Sustainability and Self Reliance

Day 2

  • Introduction to Fundraising & Income Generation
  • Proposal Writing continued
  • NGO Peer Networking Forum
  • The NGO marketplace & Networking Forum

Day 3

  • Proposal Finalization, Packaging & Presentation
  • Leadership & team building in Fundraising Effective
  • Workshop Conclusion and Action plan
  • Lunch Break

This Summit will require the following commitment from delegates:

1-Day NGO Financial Sustainability & Self-Reliance Master-Class Fee…….……. R3, 950 per delegate

2-Day NGO Fundraising & Income Generation Workshop Fee………………..… R4, 950 per delegate

FULL Summit (Attending Both Master-Class & Workshop) Fee…………….…… R5, 950 per delegate

DONOR Exhibition (NGO Donors can sign-up for ½-Day Grants Exhibition) ….R1, 500 per Donor

NB:  Discounts of 10% shall be given to each organization for each additional delegate enrolled

To book, please email: denzel@eltraining.co.za  & sifisob@eltraining.co.za or call 011 4557212/3. For more information, visit http://www.eltraining.co.za

Event Start Date: Tuesday, 14 November, 2017
Event End Date: Thursday, 16 November, 2017
Event Venue: Protea Hotel OR Tambo, Johannesburg
Event Type: Workshop
Location: South Africa