• 170 Pan Rd, Bolton Wold AH, 1960, Meyerton, Gauteng, South Africa
  • +27 87 551 8319
  • 170 Pan Rd, Bolton Wold AH, 1960, Meyerton, Gauteng, South Africa
  • +27 87 551 8319
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  • Meyerton, Gauteng


R 650,000.00 Needed Donation

Every day, children around the country and also in the world are going blind from eye conditions or diseases that are easily preventable.

You can help stop this.

They need your help now

Over 188 Children at Sibonile School For The Blind are been affected with blindness.

This excruciating disease causes the eyelashes to turn inwards and scrape away at the eye’s surface. Many resort to pulling their eyelashes out – even after the disease has caused them to go blind – to help stop the endless pain of blinking.

And others have cataracts problems which can be fixed.

This small build-up of protein may not seem urgent, but if left untreated it can cause irreversible blindness. So for these children it is a race against time to operate before their sight is lost forever.

This is heartbreaking, and it’s happening right now to millions of children in some of the world’s poorest countries.

But with your help, these children could receive the straightforward treatments they need to protect their sight, giving them a much brighter future.

Please donate today.


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